Read Surah Sad with English & Urdu translation or listen to audio with Urdu translation. It is the 38th Surah in the Quran with 88 verses. You can read full Surah Sad with English & Urdu Translation online. The surah's position in the Quran in Juz 23 and it is called Makki Surah.

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41. اور ہمارے بندے ایّوب (علیہ السلام) کا ذکر کیجئے جب انہوں نے اپنے رب کو پکارا کہ مجھے شیطان نے بڑی اذیّت اور تکلیف پہنچائی ہےo

41. And mention Our servant Ayyub (Job) when he cried to his Lord: ‘Satan has afflicted me with great torture and suffering.’

(ص، 38 : 41)