Read Surah Taha with English & Urdu translation or listen to audio with Urdu translation. It is the 20th Surah in the Quran with 135 verses. You can read full Surah Taha with English & Urdu Translation online. The surah's position in the Quran in Juz 16 and it is called Makki Surah.

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91. وہ بولی: ہم تو اسی (کی پوجا) پر جمے رہیں گے تاوقتیکہ موسٰی (علیہ السلام) ہماری طرف پلٹ آئیںo

91. They said: ‘We shall hold fast to its (worship) until Musa (Moses) comes back to us.’

(طهٰ، 20 : 91)