Read Surah al-Baqarah with English & Urdu translations of the Holy Quran online by Shaykh ul Islam Dr. Muhammad Tahir ul Qadri. It is the 2nd Surah in the Quran Pak with 286 verses. The surah's position in the Quran Majeed in Juz 1 - 3 and it is called Madani Surah of Quran Karim. You can listen to audio with Urdu translation of Irfan ul Quran in the voice of Tasleem Ahmed Sabri.

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156. جن پر کوئی مصیبت پڑتی ہے تو کہتے ہیں: بیشک ہم بھی اللہ ہی کا (مال) ہیں اور ہم بھی اسی کی طرف پلٹ کر جانے والے ہیںo

156. (They are the ones) who, when afflicted with some distress, say: ‘Indeed, to Allah we belong and to Him we shall return.’

(الْبَقَرَة، 2 : 156)