Read Surah az-Zukhruf with English & Urdu translation or listen to audio with Urdu translation. It is the 43rd Surah in the Quran with 89 verses. You can read full Surah Zukhruf with English & Urdu Translation online. The surah's position in the Quran in Juz 25 and it is called Makki Surah.

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36. اور جو شخص (خدائے) رحمان کی یاد سے صرف نظر کر لے تو ہم اُس کے لئے ایک شیطان مسلّط کر دیتے ہیں جو ہر وقت اس کے ساتھ جڑا رہتا ہےo

36. And whoever turns away from the remembrance of the Most Kind (Lord), We appoint a Satan to dominate him and stick to him constantly.

(الزُّخْرُف، 43 : 36)